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Welcome to PawLeaks – a health & training resource for new puppy parents as well as veteran dog owners.

I am so glad that you found your way to our community where it’s all about puppy training, solutions for dog behavior issues, as well as general healthcare and gear tips.

PawLeaks provides all the dog ownership tips you’ll ever need.

Below, I’ve created a list ranging from what to look out for when buying a puppy, all the way to how you can keep them healthy and solve problems along the way.

Owning a dog is not a piece of cake and that’s why I’ve decided to have most articles in our health & care category reviewed by licensed veterinarians.

Puppy Training

  1. All 17 questions you need to ask your potential breeder
  2. Ultimate Puppy Checklist
  3. Puppy’s first night at home
  4. 4 steps to crate train your puppy
  5. Puppy socialization
  6. How to house train your puppy
  7. How to stop puppy biting

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Dog Names

  1. 700+ badass dog names
  2. 700+ female dog names
  3. 200+ hunting dog names with meaning
  4. 800 movie dog names
  5. Names for white male dogs & white females
  6. 400+ Unique dog names
  7. Most unusual dog names
  8. Spiritual dog names

Dog Training

  1. 6 basic dog training obedience commands
  2. 9 unique dog tricks for beginners
  3. The best recall training for dogs
  4. Training the release command for dogs
  5. The complete guide to dog separation anxiety
  6. Your dog refuses to walk? Do this!
  7. How to stop food aggression

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Dog Ownership Tips

  1. How to bond with your dog
  2. Lifetime cost of a large breed dog
  3. The complete guide for dog adopters
  4. Youtube dog training channels you have to watch
  5. 7 weird dog sitting positions + meaning

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Breed Lists

  1. 10 best guard dogs for first time dog owners
  2. Best big dogs for apartments
  3. 10 dogs breeds that are born without a tail
  4. Incredible dog breeds that look like bears
  5. White fluffy dog breeds

Dog Heath & Care + Home Remedies

  1. Dog vomit color chart
  2. Ear wax color chart
  3. Why is my puppy limping?
  4. How to build dog muscle
  5. Can you cut or trim your dog’s whiskers?
  6. Why is my dog breathing heavy + solutions
  7. Are dogs color blind?
  8. Solutions for sore paws

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If you’re still searching for solutions to your dog’s problem, feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.