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why do dogs bark at night
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Why Do Dogs Bark at Night?

Snuggled in bed about to fall asleep when all of a sudden, your dog starts barking? You didn’t hear anything, but your dog got your attention. Sometimes, dogs alert you for perfectly good reasons. Other times… not so much. It’s important to find out why your dog barks at night. You don’t want to break […]

how to discipline a dog
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10 Tips On How to Discipline Your Dog

Disciplining your dog is an important part of training and when done the right way, it will ensure better behavior and stronger communication. Most people think about discipline as punishment but it’s a crucial behavior forming process that is necessary for everyday situations. Your dog will learn to differentiate between right or wrong, something that […]

dog aggression
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Dog Aggression 101

Despite being man’s greatest and most trusted animal companions, understanding dog behavior is not always a walk in the park. Issues like health complications might be easier to detect due to the symptoms relayed, while behavioral problems, like aggression, can prove a tad difficult to handle. How do you deal with increased aggression from your […]

training a growly dog
Dog Training

7 Steps to Train a Growly & Reactive Dog

Taking your dog out for a quick and relaxing stroll through the park is a day to day situation to some and a nightmare to others. Your dog might be the sweetest and most perfect family companion at home but once you set a foot outside the door, he turns into a growling little devil. […]

Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Pillow
Dog Training

Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Pillow? + How to Stop It

45% of dog owners let their pets sleep in their beds. While it may be soothing for some to have a warm cloud resting in your bed, many others suffer from insomnia. Especially large breeds can easily roll over your whole body, hog your blanket or sleep on your pillow. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in […]

dog love bites
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How Do I Stop My Dog from Giving “Love Bites”?

Receiving “love bites” from your dog is kinda cute and probably an honor to be blessed with this type of affection. Every dog owner has experienced this mouthing behavior with their puppy but now that he is a grown-up adult dog, the biting might be a bit concerning. “Love bites” are defined as affectionate bites […]

Can Dogs Spitefully Revenge Poop
Dog Training

Can Dogs Spitefully Revenge Poop?

You have just told your dog to get off the furniture or you have been away for a little bit longer than usual and now he has gifted you with poop on the floor or expensive carpet. The logical human explanation for this behavior might sound a bit like this: “great, now he is taking […]

Stop a Dog From Jumping When Excited
Dog Training

How to Stop a Dog From Jumping When Excited

Like many dogs, my dog gets so excited when people visit our home. She wants to be petted, will run around and just be really annoying to everyone. In general, she is definitely not a jumper but her level of excitement can be surreal sometimes. Every dog will express their excitement in another way. While […]

How to Stop Your Puppy from Eating Stones
Dog Training

How to Stop Your Puppy from Eating Stones – Today!

Stones, rocks, and dirt are probably the last things you want your puppy to chew on. While curiosity plays a big role in eating stones, it’s definitely not normal behavior and might become dangerous when the rocks are actually swallowed. To eliminate the problem, you will first have to determine whether it has a medical […]

a dog that refuses to walk on the leash
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If Your Dog Refuses to Walk – Do This:

A dog that suddenly refuses to walk on the leash is a weird sight for many dog owners. Going for a walk is usually the best thing to do for a young pup and many pull strongly on the leash to get around the next corner as quickly as possible. Your dog might be either […]