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200+ Badass Hunting Dog Names for 2024 & Meanings

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Choosing a fitting name for your male or female hunting dog isn’t easy and requires a lot of time skimming through lists on the internet.

But it’s also a very exciting time and a crucial step when purchasing a hunting breed puppy or rescuing a high prey drive dog.

Whether you are looking for a badass or unique hunting dog name with meaning for your sporting breed, this list will inspire you with 200+ name ideas for Retrievers, Pointers, Hounds, Spaniels, Setters, Terriers, or gun dogs.

I have also researched the meaning behind every single name to make sure that they are hunting, animal, or nature-themed.

It’s beautiful what story you can endow your puppy with just by giving him or her a name.

So make sure that it’s your puppy’s unique story.

Keep in mind that the name should be easy to say and shouldn’t sound like any command or family member’s name.

Recall training is essential in the field so make sure that it’s clear and easy to remember.

Interested in finding out whether or not dogs know their own name?

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Sporting Dogs Names

Spaniels, Retrievers, Pointers, and Setters are the four basic types of sporting breeds.

In total, there are over 30 dog breeds that are recognized by the AKC and listed as sporting dogs.

Hunters have used these dogs for decades to track and gather game on land and in water.

Due to their close human working relationship, these dogs have become exceptional companions and are ideal for active owners.

Whether or not you intend on bringing your dog on hunting trips, his prey drive, and vigorous nature are deeply rooted and should be highlighted with a fitting and meaningful name.

Dog with hunters in the field.
Photo by Josiah Ness on Unsplash

These names don’t have to be hunting-related but can also be inspired by wild animals and nature.

Beautiful names that remind you of the night, sun, or dawn or the joy that you experience when hunting may be the perfect fit for your dog.

Hunting dogs are excellent camping companions and thrive in a natural environment.

If you go on regular hiking trips with your dog or just enjoy spending time in nature then this would be a wonderful inspiration for your pup’s name.

Male Hunting Dog NamesMeaning
Acehighest rank, unity
Alfredguide, counselor
Ammoabbreviation for ammunition
Angusone strength, one of excellence
Aspentree with heart-shaped leaves
Artemisgoddess of the hunt and wilderness
Bearstrong, brave hunter
Blazebright flame, fire
Blitzfast mover
Buckmale deer
Buda (hunter’s) companion
Bulletkinetic projectile
Champwarrior, champion
Chaserhunter, huntsman
Cliffford by a cliff
Codyfamous bison hunter William Buffalo Bill Cody
Coyoteprairie wolf
Dashspirited warrior
Dingowild dog
Emersonbrave, powerful, force
Falcofalcon, hawk
Gunnerbold warrior
Hunterseeker, finder
Kodafriend, companion
Kotagood fortune
Legolasgreen leaf
Levijoint, attached
Magnumfirearm cartridge of a large caliber
Mallardwild duck
Milosoldier, merciful
Musketfirearm for infantry
Orionlegendary hunter
Radarsonar equipment, detection
Rangerforest guardian
Revolverhandgun with a rotating magazine
Ryderknight, cavalryman, messenger
Sargesergeant, officer
Scoutfirst explorer
Sounderfictional hunting dog
Tannersomeone who made leather from animal hides
Triggerfiring mechanism on a gun
Troyfoot soldier
Wyatthardy, brave, strong
Yukongreat river

In my opinion, female nature-inspired dog names sound the most beautiful.

I mean think about Aurora, Dawn, or Meadow.

Calling your dog would always remind you of the beautiful nature that is surrounding you on every walk outside.

When choosing a hunting dog name, keep in mind that you might not want to call your girl Princess to avoid loud guffaws from your hunting pals. It’s your decision though.

Female Hunting Dog NamesMeaning
Annagrace, favor
Almanurturing, soul
Athenagoddess of wisdom and warfare
Azaleaflowering shrubs
Baileyberry clearing
Bambiyoung deer
BerettaItalian firearms manufacturer
Binebee, understanding
Dakotafriend, ally
Dawnfirst appearance of daylight
Doefemale deer
Evalife, living one
Kinsleyking’s meadow
Libertyfree, independence
Lindylinden tree
Meadowbeautiful field
Nyxgoddess of the night
Oliveolive tree
Olympiamountain of the gods
Paytonfighting man’s estate
Pearljewel, pearl
Powdergunpowder used in firearms
Rogueproud, haughty
Rosebeautiful red flower
Scarlettcourage, force, joy
Stormya tempest; an impetuous nature
Violetfaithfulness, luck
WhitetailVirginia deer
Willowslender, graceful
Dog hunting at the lake.
Photo by Rosalie Lyons on Unsplash

Fishing Dog Names

Do you plan on taking your dog to go fishing with you?

Dog breeds like Retrievers have excellent instincts in the water and even water-repellent coats.

They are born to be in the water and share your love for the river, even if you just plan on relaxing near your favorite fishing hole.

Your companion will never leave your side!

So why not give him a fishing-inspired dog name for your shared hobby?

Water Hunting Dog NamesMeaning
Algon (m)green river
Bay (f)coastal body of water
Beck (m)brook, stream
Brooke (f)water, stream
Carolina (f)after the Carolina rig
Cisco (m)fishing brand
Gill (m)narrow mountain stream
Maggie (f)pearl
Maya (f)water, illusion
Moriarty (m)navigator, seaworthy
Murphy (m)sea warrior
Ocean (f)great sea
Pike (m)spear, fish
Riptide (m)strong, offshore current
River (f)stream of water that flows to the sea
Sally (f)short for salmon
Sedge (m)flowering plants growing in marshy places
Summer (f)the warmest season of the year
Tex (m)after the texas rig

Pheasant Hunting Dog Names

You can also tailor your dog’s name to a specific hunting skill.

Hunting dogs are excellent at tracking and finding birds in the field.

They can help you to locate downed birds and can even retrieve them for the hunter.

Flushing dogs, like the English Springer Spaniel and Toller, always stay close in range and rush the birds in the air.

Pointers, like the German Shorthair Pointer and Weimaraner, are great at locating and pointing birds.

There are many bird-inspired name options to choose from but you could also go with a name that is inspired by your dog’s field technique and personality.

Bird Hunting Dog NamesMeaning
Aleta (f)little winged one, truthful
Ava (f)bird, life
Birdie (f)small bird
Brant (m)small goose
Bullet (m)kinetic projectile
Buzz (m)buzzard
Cinnamon (f)after the cinnamon teal
Condor (m)largest flying land bird
Dove (f)bird of peace
Hawk (m)falcon, bird of prey
Lark (f)songbird
Loon (m)group of aquatic birds
Scout (m)first explorer
Teal (f,m)blue-green color of the sea, breed of duck
Widgeon (m)dabbling ducks
Windy (f)friend
Wren (f)small bird

Hunting Dog Names for Labrador Retrievers

The following names are perfect for yellow, chocolate, and black Labs which are among the most popular hunting dogs (and the most popular dogs in the US year after year).

Whether you have a male or female Labrador Retriever, these ideas will help you to find a name for your hunting companion.

A strong and fierce Lab might be called Bruno while Charlie would be a fitting name for an independent explorer.

Labrador Retriever in the field.
Photo by Josh Frenette on Unsplash
Hunting Dog Names for LabsMeaning
Bailey (f)berry clearing
Bruno (m)armor, protection
Cassie (f)unheeded, strong-willed, purity
Charlie (m)free man
Chocolate (f)sweet-hearted
Dandy (m)man, warrior
Dexter (m)skilled
Ella (f)light, beauty
Emma (f)whole, universal
Freya (f)most beautiful of the goddesses
Harley (m)hare’s meadow
Hazel (f)hazelnut tree
Henry (m)ruler
Izzy (f)my god is an oath
Jake/Jakob (m)to follow, to be behind
Kira (f)female ruler
Lucy (f)graceful light
Max(well) (m)great spring
Molly (f)rebellion, bitter
Nala (f)queen, lion
Ruger (m)tough, manly
Sasha (f)defender of mankind
Shadow (m)shade from the sun
Suzie (f)flower, lily
Oliver (m)olive tree
Otis (m)wealthy
Winnie (f)holy peacemaking, gentle friend
Zoey (f)life

You might also want to check out my article on 700+ badass working dog names.

One-Syllable Hunting Dog Names

When hunting in the field, it’s extremely important to be able to quickly recall your dog.

This works best with a short and easy name that can be shouted clearly over great distances.

Names with only one syllable are easier to pronounce and your dog will pick up on it faster.

One-Syllable Hunting Dog NamesMeaning
Ace (m)highest rank, unity
Ash (f)ash-tree meadow
Baz (m)king
Bear (m)strong, brave hunter
Bliss (f)supreme happiness, heaven, perfect joy
Buck (m)male deer
Chou (f)butterfly
Dot (f)gift of god
Earl (m)warrior, nobleman
Fawn (f)young deer
Fred (m)peaceful ruler
Gil (m)joy, happiness
Greer (m)watchful
Lev (m)lion
Mei (f)beautiful
Mitch (m)big, large
Nell (f)bright, shining one
Ralph (m)wolf counsel, red wolf
Rei (f)beautiful, lovely
Rex (m)mighty counselor/ruler, king
Shaw (m)wolf
Shay (f)majestic
Tess (f)late summer
Vuk (m)wolf
Wren (f)small bird

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Brian Knutson

Sunday 15th of November 2020

My english setter is named PENDLETON. In the field I call her Penny or Pen, she is a tricolor pup and the brown on her reminds me of a good whiskey. The name Pendleton also comes from an English heritage.


Sunday 15th of November 2020

Hey Brian, sounds awesome. You're right, a short name is probably easier for recalls. Dog = good whiskey, I've gotta remember that association! :)