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Is Sweet Potato Skin Harmful to Dogs
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Is Sweet Potato Skin Harmful to Dogs?

The sweet-tasting potato is a superfood that originated in Central America about 5000 years ago. You may have noticed that sweet potatoes are also a common ingredient in dog food to add extra fiber to a well-balanced diet. In humans, the sweet potato promotes gut health, a strong immune system and it helps improve your […]

can dogs drink tea
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Can Dogs Drink Tea?

During the cold months of the winter, there is nothing better than cuddling up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea. Besides the many health benefits of herbal tea, it also helps to get us through the flu season. A week ago, my dog Amalia got pretty sick and I thought about every […]

can dogs eat jello
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Vet Advice: Can Dogs Eat Jello?

Jell-O is a sweet dessert probably known by everyone. Each year, millions of cups are being with rising popularity so strong that the brand released an animated series called “JELL-O Wobz” in 2018. Yesterday, I bought the popular treat in powder form that only needs to be dissolved in hot water, put into a form […]

can dogs eat white or brown rice
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Can Dogs Eat White or Brown​ Rice?

Rice is such a common food for us and even more common in Asian countries but can dogs eat rice too? The quick answer is yes but you will need to take some things into consideration before adding rice to your dog’s diet. Benefits of Feeding Rice Rice is often used as an ingredient in […]

can dogs eat eggs
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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

I am feeding my dog a raw diet since a few weeks and I wanted to incorporate a bit more protein into her meals. As I do not feed her dairy or wheat, eggs were the first thing that came to my mind. After a little bit of research, I found out that dogs can […]

can dogs eat oranges
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Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Besides food like apples and chicken, oranges are a very healthy choice for your dog.Dogs can eat oranges and they are often used as an ingredient in dog food. Health Benefits Oranges are full of fibers and natural sugars. They are high in Vitamin C and the citric acid is not toxic for dogs. Although […]

can dogs eat chicken
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Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Chicken has been a long-time food ingredient in dry food, wet food or in a raw diet. Chicken is actually very healthy for dogs as it contains healthy proteins, Omega 6 fatty acids, essential amino acids, and glucosamine. It builds lean muscle, sustains healthy skin and a shiny coat. Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? If […]

can dogs eat apples
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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

To quickly answer that question: Yes, dogs can definitely eat apples. They are actually really healthy for your dog. Benefits of Apples Apples are high on fiber, low protein and full of antioxidants. Vitamin C can help with degenerative conditions like joint disease and the fiber is great for digestion. If your dog has a […]