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10 Dog Training Youtube Channels You Must Watch

Below I’ve compiled a list of 10 Youtube Channels that are centered around dog training and everything else that might be of interest to dog owners and those who want to become dog owners.

The topics range from basic socialization or puppy issues to fearful or aggressive behavior and everything in between like fun stuff to do with your dog, product reviews and other adventures.

There’s a lot to learn from people training aggressive dogs and the advice between the lines is incredibly helpful for everyday dog owners.

In no particular order.

Let’s ensure your puppy’s training success with these 10 Youtube dog training channels and learn more about dog behavior as well as canine body language.

As this is my personal opinion only, please do let me know if you have any other suggestions.

1. Upstate Canine Academy – Focus on Aggressive and Fearful Behavior

Down to earth dog training that is not necessarily actionable for everybody as it’s done on a case-by-case basis but nonetheless it provides a great window into how Tom Davis trains dogs with reactive behavior.

Training is often done inside, although there are also several outside sessions. Due to the evergreen location, it’s easy to compare the approach to different behavioral problems in the same environment.

His motto is “NO BAD DOGS”, something I highly encourage. He always aims to teach the owner first on how to handle certain situations in order to make sure they’re able to train their companion to be a good canine citizen.

2. Larry Krohn – Dog Aggression & Remote Collar Trainer

Don’t let the humble video quality fool you, this training channel has some top-notch advice if you manage to read between the lines. A lot of the training is conveyed via body language and positioning.

He approaches training in a very calm way and teaches people how to use remote collars effectively, namely as a tool, not as a punishment.

I would personally not advise using an e-collar, certainly not without professional supervision and it’s illegal where I live anyway.

Among his services is board and train with one client dog at a time living inside the home. This ensures that the training can be incredibly focused and has advantages when compared to boarding facilities.

Oh, did I mention that he has a sweet spot for Rottweilers too?

3. Stonnie Dennis – Mental & Physical Activities

A wide, open splotch of land. Welcome to Kentucky.

Stonnie not only offers a glimpse of his process (mainly through his obstacle course and other outside adventures) but he also creates informative videos on specific breeds and discusses issues that come up time and time again.

Unlike others on this list, he doesn’t specialize in aggressive or fearful behavior but in puppies and adult dogs that are able to learn being integrated into a pack.

On adventures, he teaches resilience but also essential retrieving skills, that’s also why you’ll probably see a dog breed ratio that is skewed toward Labs or other hunting breeds.

4. Zak George – Positive Reinforcement

Zak George is probably the most known appearance on this list and has the biggest social media presence and a published book.

It’s a great place to start learning for beginners.

His approach to dog training is a bit more light-hearted since it utilizes positive reinforcement only.

You can check out how he raised his Border Collie pup Inertia as well as how he’s currently training a pup the canine ABC.

The videos are well-edited and full of easy-to-follow information. A special focus is put on desensitizing your dog to sounds, other dogs, and people.

5. It’s Me or the Dog – Victoria Stilwell’s Show

It’s Me or the Dog has the mechanics of a TV show.

Every new episode introduces a certain problem, whether it’s two Dobermans wreaking havoc on the house, dogs that have never been walked, or a fellow canine that chases swimmers (probably training for a role in a potential doggy version of Jaws).

This show approaches training from the dog owner’s perspective, rather than the dogs and it’s filmed in a very entertaining way that never fails to portray how unintuitive dog training can be for some people.

Although the solutions might look easy to some, there are often underlying, fundamental problems that aren’t discussed in depth.

If you encounter similar problems, it’s best to consult a professional behaviorist.

6. Fenrir Canine Show – Guard Dog Breeds

Will describes this channel as one that provides “factual entertaining information for all breeds of dogs” which is reflected in his engaging way to discuss every and all breeds related to guarding.

If you check out the “Rarest Guarding Breeds” video, you’d be surprised how many more options there are instead of just the common choices such as the GSD, Doberman, or Rottweiler.

If you want to find out if a guarding breed is the right choice for you or if you’re just interested in guarding breeds, this is a great channel to check out to know more about the thoughts of a behaviorist on certain breeds.

To dive deeper, check out my article on the best guard dogs for beginners.

7. Simpawtico – Effective Guides

Sadly this channel isn’t as active as the others on this list and isn’t publishing videos regularly but it’s still a great resource because the “popular uploads” feature loads of helpful guides.

Furthermore, a lot of content is backed up by scientific research while maintaining to be easy to digest in smaller bits (usually 10-minute videos).

You will also find the occasional product review or other recommendations that are worth checking out.

If you’re the proud owner of a new pup, check out the bite inhibition, crate training, as well as toy and harness guides.

8. Jason Corey – Advice for Cane Corso Owners

If you seek a bit more laid-back advice from the standpoint of an owner, you’re at the right place. The fact that Jason is not a dog trainer or behaviorist doesn’t prevent him from having a super obedient and loyal Cane Corso.

There’s a lot of stuff about the raw diet, choosing the right breeder, fun videos in the gym and other adventures with his dogs.

It’s perfect if you’re interested in the daily life of a 150+ pound dog and how to decide if it may be the right breed for you.

9. Robert Cabral – Dog Training

Robert isn’t as active on social media but according to him, that’s partly due to the fact that he thinks there are enough resources out there already.

Not wanting to waste the time of dog owners seeking help? I can get behind that.

Lots of longer Q&A sessions (30-60 minutes) that cover a wide variety of topics and approach certain issues from a different angle.

It’s a super calm and reasonable approach to dog training that utilizes common sense and is easy to follow.

However, it’s best to dive deeper into some of the advice given as there are often no hard and fast rules and your case might require help tailored specifically to your dog.

10. Senza Tempo – Handling Dominant Dogs

This is the channel of a Cane Corso breeder and a lot of videos feature the pack, how they interact with each other, and how they behave at the dog park. On occasion, there’s an interesting standpoint behind the behavior.

You’re also able to catch a glimpse of how a breeder decides which dogs to use for a specific breeding program. It’s very important to keep an eye on things like temperament and health but also size, shape, working drive, and so on.

Shoot me a message if you think I’ve missed a great channel or write a comment to let me know.

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Disclaimer: This blog post does not substitute veterinary attention and does not intend to do so. I am not a veterinarian or pet nutritionist. If your dog shows any sign of illness, call your vet.

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Barbara Hamm

Wednesday 28th of September 2022

You didn't mention Leerburg. They don't have as many free u-tube sessions (I think they prefer you buy their lessons); however, the ones they have are excellent. Glad you listed Tom Davis--I'm a huge fan


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Hi Barbara,

thanks for mentioning this! I was actually in the process of updating this article and thought about including this one as well as a few others, will expand the list soon. You certainly can buy lessons or private sessions but the free content is incredibly helpful for sure.

Cheers, Danielle

L. Lewis

Monday 24th of August 2020

You did leave out McCann Dogs in Canada. They provide very useful information which can be applied to various breeds, not just large working, herding or guardian dogs.


Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Good suggestion! I've just listed every channel I'm pretty familiar with and have gained good insights from. Only seen a couple of videos by McCann, but I'm sure there are many other great channels out there as well.

Cheers, Danielle


Thursday 9th of April 2020

Thanks for sharing. Very good collection