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Hi, my name is Danielle and I appreciate you checking out Pawleaks.

I founded Pawleaks together with my partner and our Rottweiler Amalia with one goal in mind.

We help dog owners understand their furry friends better in order to provide optimal care by covering everything from dog health & care all the way to canine behavior & training.

We aim to identify relevant and credible scientific resources and make them available to you.

To do that, I‘ve devoured thousands of studies, hundreds of books, and partnered with licensed veterinarians as well as other pet care experts to unpack all that Jazz in hundreds of articles.

Our health & care articles are fact-checked by licensed veterinarians to make sure they’re medically accurate and contain up-to-date information.

Read more about our vet review process here.

Our Mission & Team: Training & Care Backed By Science

We aim to provide actionable, engaging, and research-backed information for dog owners.

What makes us unique?

My Rottweiler sitting next to me.

We’re neither a nameless Marketing team nor a mega-corporation. That comes with a couple of benefits.

Firstly, we don’t rely on investors, sponsors, or any brand for that matter.

We‘re actually real, breathing dog owners just like you.

Furthermore, both of us are in possession of the official veterinary certificate according to §6 of the German NRW dog law, as well as the permit according to §4.

Did you know?

Thousands of readers check out our newsletter every week where we break down 3 interesting studies and stories.

You can sign up here for my weekly newsletter. At no cost, of course.

Dogs Are My Passion

My personal passion is canine cognitive behavior and I strongly believe that 99% of all behavior problems come down to a lack of understanding and knowledge between you and your dog.

A strong bond is the very foundation.

But the materials that make that foundation possible include proper health & care.

Mind and body are always connected.

Understanding how your dog perceives and reacts to the world surrounding him will give you a better picture of what needs to be done in order to improve communication.

Knowledge, training, exercise, and communication are the magic ingredients alongside proper care under the supervision of a veterinarian you trust.

Fewer dogs would end up in shelters if adoption would be viewed as a lifetime commitment and if the right research on the breed would be done.

A dog is a companion, not an accessory, not a toy, and not a creature without feelings.

While I cannot provide veterinary advice and nothing on this site is intended to replace a veterinarian or professional behaviorist, it can be a great starting point.

Every new visitor or subscriber is a friend to me and can help change the way people think about and treat dogs.

If you would like to talk to me, you can send me a message here or leave a comment on one of my posts.

About Amalia

My beautiful Rottweiler Amalia is my heart and my soul.

She makes me smile every day and I love to play, train, and go on adventures with her.

She is the sweetest dog I have ever met and the happiest of them all.

She is the reason I want to help as many dog owners as possible so they can experience the same relationship that I have with her.

Her favorite things in life are people and dogs and she gets very excited about balls and every possible food!

Through daily training, in-depth socialization, and proper care I now have a confident and reliable companion that can enjoy her life without fear or uncertainty.