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9 Dog Hair Removal Tools That’ll Change Your Life in 2021

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There are few things more frustrating than dog hair everywhere. It doesn’t matter how much we love our four-legged friends, that doesn’t mean we’re happy about their hair stuck to our clothes and our furniture.

If you find yourself struggling to keep the hair under control you’ll be happy to know there are some proven solutions for dealing with the problem.

Here are 9 dog removal tools that’ll change your life in 2020.

1. Lint Roller

Most of us have used a lint roller at some point in our lives to clean a pair of dress pants or perhaps our favorite dinner jacket.

They’re an inexpensive roller with a sticky outer layer that you just roll across your clothes to remove lint and hair.

It also happens to be the perfect tool for removing dog hair from any type of fabric.

These are most effective in small areas though, as they’re limited surface area quickly clogs up with hair after a minute or two of use.

2. Grooming Glove 

Dog groomers have some tricks up their sleeve that makes it easier for them to do their job, after all, the rover may be friendly, but that doesn’t mean he likes to be groomed.

One of the key tools they use can also be used to remove dog hair at home.

The grooming glove or de-shedding glove is ideal for the task. These soft rubber gloves are equipped with dozen of rubber stems that effectively collect loose hair when you run it over your dog’s coat.

This prevents the hair from finding its way to your clothing and furniture.

Product Recommendation: Pet Grooming Gloves

3. Fur Removal Broom

Made up of a similar rubber material to the dog grooming glove, the fur removal broom is another great tool every dog owner should have in their home.

These are brooms with rubber heads and long rubber bristles that are great for gathering hair on many different types of surfaces.

They’ll work on carpet, tiles, hardwood, and linoleum. Some brands also have extendable handles, allowing you to clean in the corners and other hard to reach areas.

Product Recommendation: Evriholder Pet Hair Removal Broom

4. Rubber Fur Remover Brush

Rubber fur remover brushers are similar to the brooms we mentioned above with short handles that are ideal for grooming your dog to remove hair they’re ready to shed before it hits the floor.

Many brands include two different faces – one with longer bristles for pet grooming and another with finer bristles that work well for removing hair from furniture.

Product Recommendation: Brellavi Pet Hair Remover Brush

5. Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter

Vacuum cleaners have long been the tool of choice for a pet owner to clean hair from the carpet and they are an effective choice for hair removal.

There are many different types of vacuums though and it’s best to choose one that includes a true HEPA filter designed to remove 99.7% of allergens from surfaces.

If you want to rid yourself of pet odors as well, it’s best to sprinkle some baking soda before you vacuum according to’s 5 Tips for Taking Care of Pet Odors at Home.

Air purifiers with true HEPA filters are also effective for removing many odor-causing particles.

Product Recommendation: Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

6 Hand-Held Mini Vacuums

For a quick cleaning job when you’re in a rush a hand-held mini vacuum is another option that will pick up most of the hair your dog leaves behind.

These small cleaners don’t have the best suction, but they will do the job if you don’t have a better alternative on hand. 

Product Recommendation: BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum

7. Pet Bath & Massage Brush

Why not treat your dog to a massage and rid your home of unwanted pet hair at the same time. There are now pet bath and massage brushes that will help you do just that.

Bathing your dog on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will help to reduce the amount of dog hair and pet dander in the home and this will provide welcome relief for any allergy suffers.

For more information on how you can minimize exposure to dog allergens, take a look at this article on allergy-friendly dog breeds.

Product Recommendation: Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

8. Textured Rubber Gloves

The textured rubber gloves you can find at most major hardware stores are also great dog hair removal tools for the home.

All you have to do is pull on a pair of these gloves that you probably already have tucked away in a drawer in the kitchen and run your hands over the carpet and other fabric-covered surfaces.

You’ll find that they’re surprisingly effective at removing pet hair.

Product Recommendation: Working Gloves

9. Velcro

One of the most popular products of the past few decades is Velcro.

First introduced commercially in the late 1950s, it’s become one of the most widely used fastening tools on countless different products because it’s very good at clinging to things.

Velcro also does a good job of sticking to dog hair and in a pinch, you can use it to remove pet hair on many different surfaces. For other great cleaning hacks for dog owners take a look here.

Product Recommendation: Velcro Tape

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