Top 5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog

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Exercising is very important for your dog, mentally and physically. While physical exercise is often covered in daily walks, training or playing games gets a raw deal.

In this blog post, I have covered How to Exercise Your Puppy, so you should check that one out first. There are also general rules on how much exercise your dog needs and a few basic examples.

Here are 5 tips on how to exercise your dog:

1. Play Hide and Seek

This is a game I always play with my puppy. Although I don’t have a huge apartment, it always makes fun and you can get really creative.

It exercises your dog mentally and physically and is very rewarding for your dog.

Many people play it by hiding a treat or toy somewhere and let your dog look for it. I always play hide and seek by hiding myself, because that is what my dog likes to look for the most.

Prior to this exercise, you should train your dog a proper “sit and stay” so you can leave the room where your dog sits, search for a good hiding spot and then call your dog to look for you.

2. Tug-of-War

Another game that my Rottweiler really loves is tug of war. It is a great exercise not only for your dog but also for yourself. It can quickly tire out your dog and you can also intigrate a bit of fetch into it.

Certain breeds prefer to fetch and retrieve and others like the “wrestling” more.

A tug toy like a thick rope works best or something like a bite pillow.

3. Jogging or Running

If you generally go for a run in the morning or the evening, then take your dog with you.

If not, then you could start with a bit of fitness that benefits you and your dog. Take a water bottle with you and a foldable water bowl for your dog so you both do not dehydrate.

A special jogging leash is perfect for a hands free running exercise.

Be sure that your dog is old enough for running. If your dog is still a puppy you should avoid this exercise as their joints are not yet connected and excessive running could cause damage.

4. Flirt Pole

This is a perfect exercise for small apartments and rainy days. A flirt pole is a toy on a rope that you can wiggle around for your dog to chase it.

It really gets any type of dog whether you have a fetch lover or a tug of war dog. Every dog has the need to chase and finds fast moving things really interesting.

5. Funny Baloons

This is a great exercise for outdoors and bigger apartments. Just buy some basic balloons and throw them in the air. Your dog can chase it and play with it for hours.

They usually try to catch it and every time they bump it with their noses, it will be pushed into the air again. My dog generally loves balls, so a bigger dog ball can also be really fun.

What exercise does your dog really enjoy? Let me know in the comments.

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