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can dogs drink tea
Dog Food

Can Dogs Drink Tea?

During the cold months of the winter, there is nothing better than cuddling up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea. Besides the many health benefits of herbal tea, it also helps to get us through the flu season. A week ago, my dog Amalia got pretty sick and I thought about every […]

do dogs have lips black
Dog Health

Do Dogs Have Lips?

Humans, like many animals, have a visible and distinctive looking upper and lower lip which is separated from the cheeks. But when you look at your dog, you won’t be able to locate them immediately. Do dogs even have lips or is the Canis lupus a lipless race? Dog Mouth Anatomy When looking at a […]

blind dog products
Dog Products

8 Products Your Blind Dog Needs in 2020

Caring for a blind or visually impaired dog is not easy and without the right products, it’s nearly impossible. Whether your dog suffers from a genetic disease or sudden SARDS, he can still enjoy life to its fullest potential. While exploring his world on a different level, he will require additional protection to be save […]

how i trained my puppy at home
Puppy Training

How I Trained My Puppy at Home

Enrolling your puppy into obedience training classes is definitely helpful. But let me tell you that it’s completely possible to train your puppy at home by yourself with the right types of resources. Before I brought my puppy home, I made sure to acquire as much knowledge as I could to be prepared for any […]

insulated dog crate cover
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The Best Insulated Dog Crate Covers

Crates are amazing training tools and even mandatory for traveling by plane or in the car. The crate makes use of the dog’s instinct as a den animal and should only be used to form positive associations. Smaller and darker caves feel safer for a dog than the wide-open space. You have probably recognized your […]