The Perfect Apartment Dog to Thrive in a Small Space

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When it comes to apartments or other small living spaces, it might seem challenging to bring in a furry friend along. Dogs, just like children, require a lot of attention and space to roam freely. However, there are some dog breeds that require less attention, less space and apartments can still meet their dog needs. 

Living in an apartment can also be restricted when it comes to landlord rules. Choosing a dog that is quieter and doesn’t damage the apartment property also plays an important role in your decision to add a new puppy or dog to your life.

What To Consider 

Before diving into specific dog breeds, it is good to know what traits to look for since the breed isn’t the only determinant of how the dog behaves. Noticing the attributes of a dog before adoption will help you find the perfect pup for you and your apartment.

1. Mellow Energy

With a hyper dog comes the need to continuously let out the energy.  When you don’t have a backyard or a large field, this may be limited. Puppies, regardless of the breed, will have high energy.

But there are more calm dogs that tend to mellow out as they mature. The breeds listed below are ones that are happy with letting out their energy during the walk before work and after, without the need for all the in-between activity. 

2. Only Occasional Barking 

In an apartment, you have neighbors below, above and next to you. Chances are, with an extremely loud-barking dog, the complaints will start piling up. Barking is inevitable, but choosing a pet that keeps it to a minimum is a way for you and your neighbors to comfortably live without getting your landlord involved. 

3. Non-Territorial Tendencies 

This goes hand-in-hand with barking, but a territorial pup will make it difficult to live with ease when your living space is crowded with people. Especially if you have roommates, territorial and aggressive dogs are not the greatest fit for apartments. 

When you leave for work or school, you should feel confident that they will not cause a ruckus for the people left in the building. 

4. Independent and Self-Sufficient 

When deciding, try and lean towards a more independent dog so that they are able to wander around the apartment without the need for outside resources. The self-sufficiency of the dog will make living in an apartment much smoother and they won’t be miserable without you during the day.

From Large to Small, Best Breeds to Consider

If in your apartment contract there are no restrictions on the size or weight of your pet, the breed options of your apartment pup are endless. With the right amount of space and care, large dogs could enjoy the living space just as much as a smaller one would.

Smaller Doggos 

Although notorious for being noisy, here are four smaller apartment-friendly dogs that would be a good addition to your place.

1. Bichon Frise

These tiny, positive, and bright dogs are easily trainable and extremely friendly, making them a great fit if you have a smaller apartment. Weighing at 13-17 pounds, they also make great lap dogs!

2. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terriers are smart and short, both qualities that are desirable to make this pup your new roommate. They are people-oriented and won’t cause any drama in your complex. 

3. Corgi

Corgis adapt well to the environment that they are a part of, and are friendly as well. With or without roommates, these little guys make a great apartment-residing pup. They are lively, so make sure to take them out before and after work if you decide to adopt one. 

4. French Bulldog 

These tiny and alert dogs would do well in a big city. They don’t require a lot of physical activity and are affectionate as well! Since they enjoy being around people, living in a cramped environment with a lot of people is one that the French Bulldog can handle. 

Medium Sized Pups 

If you want to steer away from a tiny dog, there are a few medium-sized options to meet your pet-needs. 

5. Barbet

This curly-haired cutie is known for being extremely intelligent and calm. They’re typically 35-60 pounds, have a relaxed personality, and wouldn’t be hectic to take care of. 

6. Basset Hound

The droopy-eared and short-legged Basset Hound is a peaceful breed that will stay loyal to you; no matter what. The only concern would be that they tend to be vocal, with a recognizable bark. 

7. Bulldog

Bulldogs can typically weigh up to 40-50 pounds, and enjoy being outdoors. With the right amount of exercise, your bulldog will be happy and healthy in your apartment. 

8. Japanese Spitz 

Japanese Spitz is a rather rare breed, with beautiful fox-like features. They don’t like to be left alone for a long period of time but are extremely gentle and family-friendly. With the proper amount of attention, the Japanese Spitz could be the perfect pet for your place. 

The Big Dogs 

If small dogs are completely out of the question for you, there are a few large dog breeds that are easy and calm enough to live indoors. Just make sure you provide them with the proper amount of exercise and outdoor time.

9. Great Dane 

Although Great Danes can weigh 115-180 pounds, they are still extremely gentle. They won’t scare people away and can be a friendly neighbor and family member to all. 

10. Greyhound

The smaller your apartment, the more frequently you should take your Greyhound out for a walk. As long as there is enough room for these exercise-loving pets, the dog doesn’t need a large living space and tends to sleep a big portion of the day. 

11. Mastiff

Mastiffs are very large, weighing about 130-230 pounds. If weight isn’t an issue, these kind dogs are patient and lovable pets to have, in an apartment or beyond. 

12. Poodle

If you live in a big city and find yourself wanting a furry friend to be your companion, poodles are extremely adaptable. If you want a larger dog, there are standard poodles to fit your needs. If not, there also are miniature and toy poodles as well. 

There are several benefits to owning a dog when you have your own living space. A companion can make you feel at ease and loved from the moment you step foot in the apartment, all the way to whenever you leave for work. Don’t let the restrictions of living in a smaller space stop you from having the pet you’ve always wanted.

From large to small, the team at TurboTenant has created a visual list of the best apartment dogs to help you make the best choice:

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