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dog love bites
Dog Training

How Do I Stop My Dog from Giving “Love Bites”?

Receiving “love bites” from your dog is kinda cute and probably an honor to be blessed with this type of affection. Every dog owner has experienced this mouthing behavior with their puppy but now that he is a grown-up adult dog, the biting might be a bit concerning. “Love bites” are defined as affectionate bites […]

blind dog products
Dog Products

8 Products Your Blind Dog Needs in 2020

Caring for a blind or visually impaired dog is not easy and without the right products, it’s nearly impossible. Whether your dog suffers from a genetic disease or sudden SARDS, he can still enjoy life to its fullest potential. While exploring his world on a different level, he will require additional protection to be save […]

how i trained my puppy at home
Puppy Training

How I Trained My Puppy at Home

Enrolling your puppy into obedience training classes is definitely helpful. But let me tell you that it’s completely possible to train your puppy at home by yourself with the right types of resources. Before I brought my puppy home, I made sure to acquire as much knowledge as I could to be prepared for any […]

insulated dog crate cover
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The Best Insulated Dog Crate Covers

Crates are amazing training tools and even mandatory for traveling by plane or in the car. The crate makes use of the dog’s instinct as a den animal and should only be used to form positive associations. Smaller and darker caves feel safer for a dog than the wide-open space. You have probably recognized your […]

Guide to Boarding Your Dog
Dog Health

Guide to Boarding Your Dog “Will He Be Traumatized?”

Pet boarding is probably the first solution that comes to your mind when thinking about a temporary stay for your dog while traveling or home renovation. Leaving your dog alone for the first will probably let you worry a lot. Especially when you think about all the potential stress laid upon him. Your dog will […]

Can Dogs Spitefully Revenge Poop
Dog Training

Can Dogs Spitefully Revenge Poop?

You have just told your dog to get off the furniture or you have been away for a little bit longer than usual and now he has gifted you with poop on the floor or expensive carpet. The logical human explanation for this behavior might sound a bit like this: “great, now he is taking […]

The Complete Guide for Dog Adopters
Dog Ownership Tips

The Complete Guide for Dog Adopters

Adopting a dog from a rescue center or shelter is a beautiful thing to do. More than 3 million dogs enter 3.500 shelters each and every year for reasons ranging from divorce to unexpected amounts of cost. That amounts to 6 dogs that are given up or taken away every minute. Kudos to you if […]

Stop a Dog From Jumping When Excited
Dog Training

How to Stop a Dog From Jumping When Excited

Like many dogs, my dog gets so excited when people visit our home. She wants to be petted, will run around and just be really annoying to everyone. In general, she is definitely not a jumper but her level of excitement can be surreal sometimes. Every dog will express their excitement in another way. While […]

Why "Hypoallergenic" Dog Breeds Are a Myth
Dog Breeds

Why “Hypoallergenic” Dog Breeds Are a Myth

When researching new dog content online, I stumble upon dog breeds that are being advertised as “hypoallergenic” again and again. Mixed breeds with poodle heritage like the Labradoodle (Labrador and Poodle) or the Pugle (Pug and Poodle) are often being labeled as “hypoallergic” dogs. Most breeders put a nice price of several thousands of dollars […]

can dogs eat jello
Dog Food

Vet Advice: Can Dogs Eat Jello?

Jell-O is a sweet dessert probably known by everyone. Each year, millions of cups are being with rising popularity so strong that the brand released an animated series called “JELL-O Wobz” in 2018. Yesterday, I bought the popular treat in powder form that only needs to be dissolved in hot water, put into a form […]