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Dog or Cat: Which Pet Is the Right One for You?

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If you love cats and dogs equally but can’t afford to take in both, it can be quite a struggle to choose only one. These adorable pets are both fantastic animals; however, it’s most vital that you consider what you can afford and manage to take care of.

Still can’t decide which four-legged friend you want to share your home with? Here are some considerations from today’s guest blogger on the cat vs. dog dilemma to help you make a sound decision.

1. Temperament and Personality Traits

Humans aren’t the only ones with distinct personalities. Cats and dogs also differ in this aspect. A dog will likely require a bit more of your attention and time than a cat. So, if you want a companion who will sit by your side, a cute pup may be your best bet. 

Cats, on the other hand, can be affectionate and attentive, but only to a certain extent. Felines tend to become bored or quite overstimulated than dogs that they sometimes want to escape for a while. If you’re someone who wants company but aren’t needy, a cat is worth considering.

Dogs Are Pack Animals

As seen in the wild, canines usually form packs to find food and establish protection. The pack will have an “alpha dog” which the other canines look to for leadership. Domestic dogs have this pack instinct, which makes them all too happy to become part of a family that provides them with food and leadership. 

One of a dog’s natural instincts is to go wherever the pack goes. This makes him more accepting of experiences like travel or moving to a new home. However, this pack mentality also makes it challenging for dogs to be left alone, especially for a long time. Dogs crave attention so that having one will make you feel as if you have a young kid in the house.

Cats Are Lone Hunters

Unlike dogs, cats can quickly jump and climb, which helps them in hunting and fleeing easier from danger. Because of these abilities, cats don’t need to work together to care for themselves, which also makes them quite territorial. 

A cat’s independence may make him seem aloof. While a feline’s independent nature helps him deal better with being left alone, cats are still capable of developing strong bonds with humans. When a feline’s favorite person disappears, he can even develop separation anxiety.  

At first, cats may not be as affectionate as dogs, but over time, they can develop a liking to their pet parent and become a snuggling purr machine. Cats also tend to have an extended life span than dogs, which is a reasonable consideration when looking for a lifelong companion. 

Don’t forget that factors like breed, genetics, and the animal’s history all play an integral part as to how friendly and sociable a cat or dog will be. Do your own research on your choice of pet before you welcome it to your home. You may want to consider cat or dog sitting for a friend to check if you prefer one over the other.

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2. Space

While most canines will be comfortable in a small apartment, they will still need outdoor exercise. If you’re living an active lifestyle and have time for dog walks, then a furry pup can be a great fit. However, if you dwell in a small area, a cat may be a better companion. 

Cats usually get their exercise through play and their typical hunting nature where they stalk their prey and leap up high. Because of this, felines don’t really need much space to roam around. In fact, if you have a large house, you may lose your cat often as they are excellent at playing hide-and-seek.

3. Cost

Adopting or getting a pet is not a walk in the park. It’ll be like having a new child in your home that’s why it’s crucial that you take into account your financial situation before you get a cat or a dog. 

Here’s a breakdown of having a cat or a dog so that you can decide which one is the more practical choice.

  • Feeding – This is more expensive for canines compared to having a cat. Although dog meals may be cheaper than those for a cat, dogs tend to eat more food, which then increases the cost of feeding.
  • Providing a home – Unlike dogs, cats don’t need a lot of equipment to settle in a home. When you’re not around, you’ll need a crate and a leash for your dog. Cats may occasionally claw your things at home, but they aren’t as destructive as dogs. Puppies may end up playing boisterously and, just like babies, can break or ruin your belongings at home.
  • Visiting the vet – This is a tie for both animals as they need regular visits to the vet. Depending on your chosen animal’s current condition, you may want to allocate a substantial amount for your pet’s healthcare. 

Whichever animal you choose, whether a cat or a dog, make sure to prepare yourself for financial commitments. It may be costly to have a pet, but you can reap the benefits of having a warm, devoted companion by your side.

4. Training

When it comes to training, dogs are generally easier to handle. Because of the canines’ pack mentality, a dog is more obedient by nature which makes him ready to follow a leader.

Normally, dog training will involve a process of teaching reinforcing commands that help you communicate what you want to your dog. Dogs are easy to please, which is why they’re happy to meet your desires. However, every pup is different, and some breeds may have temperaments and learning aptitudes more suitable for training than others.

You can still train cats but not as easily as dogs. They require more patience and consistent practice to overcome their willful nature. When it comes to training cats, it’s best that you focus on establishing boundaries.

What Really Matters

After spending some time living with your new pet, you’ll realize that it’s not the breed or species that matters, but rather the bond you form with the animal. Whether it’s a cat or dog you decide to adopt, with love, care, and affection, you will surely end up with a happy furry friend.

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Wednesday 18th of December 2019

I have had both dogs and cats and now that I have a family and don't travel as much, I have two dogs. It is great that some people want a dog but you have to live the right lifestyle, leaving a dog alone all day every day is not right


Sunday 22nd of December 2019

I totally agree with that Stacey! You have to be able to take on the responsibility for any pet and that also includes spending enough time with them.