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At What Age Does A Dog Stop Going Into Heat

Veterinary reviewed by Dr. Linda Simon.

Every dog owner who shares his home with a wonderful female dog has probably wondered whether or not they actually stop going into heat.

Wondering about doggy menopause is not as uncommon as you might think, as many dog owners have just never gotten into contact with that topic.

I call an unspayed female Rottweiler my companion and didn’t know everything heat-related from a-z when I got her.

Let’s dive in to make sure you’re well-prepared and can make informed decisions in regard to your dog’s heat.

Usually, there’s an underlying health issue if your female dog doesn’t go into heat as planned so I’ll also shed some light on what’s normal vs. what isn’t.

At What Age Does A Dog Stop Going Into Heat

There is no age a female dog stops going into heat, they will continue to go into heat throughout their whole life unless they’re spayed or suffer from a medical condition.

However, as your dog ages, the heat might occur less frequently.

Instead of 2-3 times a year, your dog might go into heat every 12 months or so (which can be normal for giant breeds even at a young age).

A silent heat is also possible. The symptoms are not as clearly expressed but are still there and the female can still get pregnant.

It’s best to note your dog’s heat cycles to make sure you know when to expect the heat.

For example, my Rottweiler’s heat cycle is between 5-6 months.

This is not only great for planning but helps you if your dog has taken unusually long to go into heat and you suspect a potential health issue.

Don’t worry, while your dog will never stop going into heat on her own, it’s possible that your dog’s time between heat cycles has increased.

It’s still best to go to the vet for a quick check-up if your dog’s heat is overdue for a couple of weeks or even months.

The only way to make sure your dog will never go into heat again is by spaying.

You need to evaluate whether or not spaying is right for your dog.

If any dog is spayed too young, it’s proven to be correlated to medical issues.

That being said, for dogs old enough to be safely spayed, it might even be safer due to the increased risk of pyometra as the dog gets older.

At what age your dog reaches that point depends on the breed and other factors, but it’s usually safe around 2 years of age.

Pyometra is not the only risk, there are also different types of cancer such as ovary, mammary, and uterine cancer.

On the other hand, surgery and anesthesia are associated with greater risk for senior canines.

When Do Dogs Stop Having Periods

A dog never stops having a “period” which is called going into heat and if your female dog ever stops going into heat, there’s most likely a medical issue or more time passes between estrus cycles.

If your female dog has actually stopped going into heat, she’ll most likely go into heat again, there’s just more time between the heat cycles.

As mentioned above, it’s still best to consult the vet due to the potential risks.

Your dog doesn’t have to miss her period, it can even happen that she coincidentally bleeds heavily and in a very unusual way which may indicate a serious health issue.

Pyometra, bladder stones/cancer, and urinary tract infection are all possibilities that should be ruled out.

Now that you know that dogs never stop going into heat, you might want to prepare for all the intrigued males out there (at least that’s true for my Rottie, mounting is a real issue there).

Dog Menopause Age

Dogs don’t have menopause as this concept is exclusive to humans as well as pilot whales and Orcas which means even if your female doesn’t go into heat for 6-12 months, she will eventually go into heat again.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent your dog from bleeding during her heat either.

As mentioned above, if you don’t consider spaying, there’s practically no way your dog will never go into heat again as there is no menopause.

If your dog’s heat was skipped, that’s not because she’s reached the age for menopause, but rather due to a medical issue or just a delayed heat.

Can A 10 Year Old Dog Be In Heat?

Yes, a 10-year-old dog can be in heat and still bleed as usual during that heat. A female dog will go into heat their whole life, no matter what the age, only the time between cycles might be prolonged.

As long as a female dog lives, she will go into heat, assuming there’s no medical issue or planned spay procedure.

Since many dog owners think about introducing a new pup to their older dog, you might want to look into what’s best paired with an unspayed female dog.

Disclaimer: This blog post does not substitute veterinary attention and does not intend to do so. I am not a veterinarian or pet nutritionist. If your dog shows any sign of illness, call your vet.

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