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Best 5 Dog Nail Clippers for 2021

Taking care of your dog’s nails is very important and they should be cut every 1-2 months.

They are too long when you can hear them on hard surfaces and when they touch the ground while your dog is standing.

Dog nails can be easily cut at home and I have tried different nail clippers from different companies, so I can recommend you the best 5 dog nail clippers in 2020 according to my experience.

1. Dog Nail Trimmer – Safari Pet Products

This nail trimmer is great for cutting big dog nails and small cat nails.

I have a Rottweiler so I wanted a nail clipper that could be strong enough to cut through hard nails.

Usually, those trimmers get dull after a single use but this one surprised me with a very sharp and strong blade.

I bought the large one and the safety stop was also very helpful.

Overall, they are very easy to handle, perfectly manufactured and probably the cheapest that you will get for that quality.

2. Dog Nail Grinder

Besides cutting your dog’s nail, you can also easily grind them for a smooth and safe way of shortening.

My dog was very comfortable with using this and it was very quick.

Important notice: There is something I want to show you that will change the way you interact with your dog. Check it out here.

If your dog already has very long and big nails, you could cut them first with a nail clipper and then smoothen them out with this grinder.

The easiest way is always to lay your dog onto the side and gently press against the paw so the nails get pushed outside.

You should only hold it on the nail for about 3 seconds otherwise it will get too hot.

You and your dog will get used to it and when you got it figured out it will probably only take a minute.

3. Dog Nail Clipper – Kissin

Like my first choice, these clippers also worked great with my dog’s big nails.

I only used them once, so I cannot ensure you how long they will last.

They also got that safety guard but you will always have to be careful to not cut into the “quick”.

Start with small cuts until you see a black (light nails) or a grey (black nails) spot.

That indicates that the “quick” is directly behind that spot and you should stop cutting right there.

Unlike human nails, the vein will grow with the dog’s nail.

4. Dog Nail Trimmer – Gonicc

You can easily use these single-handed and they cut through cleanly without splitting.

There is also a nail file included but it is quite small so I cannot use it for my dog.

They also have a lifetime warranty and the price is also great for the product.

You don’t have to be nervous about cutting your dog’s nails. Some owners even neglect their dogs because they are so afraid to hurt them.

As long as you only cut off small parts at a time and look out for the spot, your dog will be fine.

5. Dog Nail Clipper – Boshel

These clippers have a more round blade and are also very great for first timers.

Like I said, the guard doesn’t prevent cutting into your dogs “quick”.

You need to be especially careful with razor sharp blades like these as you tend to cut too deep into the nail.

They also ship with a free nail file but it’s just too small and thin for my dog.

Try out what works best for you and your dog.

The price for the quality should be justifiable and the blade should be sharp enough to prevent splitting.

Read some reviews carefully before deciding on a size as they also vary from every company.

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