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10 Interesting Dog Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

There is a lot to learn about our furry companions.

While some myths are not true, there are plenty of interesting dog facts you’ve probably never heard.

1. Dogs can feel jealous

Studies have shown that dogs are able to feel genuinely jealous when you pet another animal.

Since jealousy can turn into aggression quite quickly, you should always look out for warning signs and not endorse any negative behavior.

Teach your pup early on that it’s not okay to guard any resources, even if it’s just your attention that your pooch wants to keep for himself.

2. Dogs have a sense of time

Ever wondered why your pup is getting more nervous over time the longer you are away from home?

That is because they actually have a feeling of time so they can understand that four hours are longer than one hour.

How do they do that?

Research has shown that dogs are able to smell density changes in the air and while not having the same concept of time as we do, they notice passing time.

If you have a solid routine your dog follows, he can easily recognize differences in walk or feeding time.

That’s another reason to avoid free feeding and to introduce a feeding schedule where your dog gets food twice a day only, for example.

3. Some dogs actually hate rain

Many dog owners, like myself, have the problem of getting the dog outside for a quick pee when it’s raining.

That’s not because they don’t want to get wet but because the sound of the raindrops hitting the ground actually hurts their ears.

That’s why an umbrella will make it even worse because the amplified sound is so much louder to them.

Other dogs just don’t like getting wet though. My Rottie girl avoids puddles like it’s the plague.

4. Your dog is as smart as your toddler

A dog’s intelligence can be compared to the brainpower of a 2 year-old toddler.

They both can learn roughly 250 words and gestures. That’s why they usually get along so well.

Especially guarding breeds love their family and the kids. Remember that it’s never a good idea to leave your child unsupervised with any dog though.

5. Dog sitting/laying on your feet

This is mostly a subtle gesture of affection. More on that in my blog post about seven dog sitting positions and what they mean.

Sitting on your feet means that your dog claims you as his own according to experts.

It is a form of territorial behavior that is deeply rooted and shouldn’t bother you too much. It isn’t a sign of dominance.

6. Dogs can read emotions

Dogs can recognize different emotions through facial expressions and vocal sounds.

They can categorize positive and negative emotions, an ability that is normally only observed in primates which makes dogs a highly social species.

Dogs also have the ability to smell feelings through subtle changes in your scent.

7. Dogs have low-light vision

If you ever took a picture from your dog with a flashlight in a dark room, you will notice that his eyes are “reflecting” the light.

That effect is caused by a tapetum with a mirror-like structure in front of the retina.

It enables the dog to see better in darkness than humans.

That being said, their night vision is not as good as most nocturnal animals.

8. You are a parent to your dog

Dogs love their owners. Scientists found out that dogs interact with their owners in the same way a baby would with their parents.

If scared or worried, a dog runs up to their caregivers unlike a cat or a horse would.

Dogs are the only animals, besides primates, that look humans in the eyes. They do not seek eye contact with their biological parents but with people.

That’s why you should always strive to maintain and improve the bond you have with your dog.

9. Your dog loves to smell you

Believe it or not but dogs actually love the smell of humans more than anything else.

If a dog picks up the scent of his owner, it connects with the brain’s “reward center” called the caudate nucleus.

Sometimes your dog will try to roll around in your clothes to pick up the scent and take it with him.

That may also be one of the reasons why your dog loves sleeping on your pillow.

10. How dogs sweat

Most people believe that dogs sweat through salivating.

But unlike humans, dogs actually only sweat through their paw pads and nose because that is where they have sweat glands.

Dogs mostly get rid of heat by panting.

What are some interesting dog facts you heard about? Let me know in the comments down below.

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