Month: July 2019

How I Calmed My Overexcited Dog on Walks
Dog Training

How I Calmed My Overexcited Dog on Walks

Dogs are so lovely when they get excited about everything whether it is meals, playtime or walks. But sometimes it is just too much. Especially when your dog lunges or barks at people out of excitement, this is called leash reactivity. People usually connect leash reactivity with an aggressive dog that wants to jump and […]

muzzle train a dog
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How to Muzzle Train Your Dog

A dog with a muzzle has been associated with aggression and danger for a very long time but this simply isn’t true. Every single dog should be able to comfortably wear a muzzle in emergency or threatening situations for his own safety and the safety of other people. Many dogs hate or even fear the […]

introducing a puppy to a cat
Puppy Training

How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Cat

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting for everyone involved. Getting your puppy used to the home and environment is one thing but introducing a puppy to your cat might not go as planned. Cats can react very sensible and either anxious or aggressive to new situations especially if another animal enters the home. […]

training release command for dogs
Dog Training

Training the Release Command for Dogs

In my article on how to train your dog to stay, I have mentioned the release command a few times and its importance for dog obedience training. Before we talk about training the release command for dogs, what even is the release command and what does it mean? The release command is used in basic […]

the best recall training for dogs
Dog Training

The Best Recall Training for Dogs

Getting your dog to come to you when called is probably one of the hardest commands for dog owners. The recall comes more naturally to some dogs like guarding breeds that are used to work close to the owner than others. You probably hear people every day that are yelling at their dogs in the […]