Month: June 2019

The Complete Guide to Dog Separation Anxiety
Dog Training

The Complete Guide to Dog Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is a well-known behavior problem for most owners. 8 out of 10 dogs have experienced some anxiety symptoms before. But many jump to the conclusion too quickly that their dog suffers from separation anxiety just because he as barked a few times when being left alone. Signs of distress and separation […]

can dogs eat eggs
Dog Food

Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

I am feeding my dog a raw diet since a few weeks and I wanted to incorporate a bit more protein into her meals. As I do not feed her dairy or wheat, eggs were the first thing that came to my mind. After a little bit of research, I found out that dogs can […]

how to teach your puppy to be calm
Puppy Training

4 Ways to Teach Your Puppy to Be Calm

An overexcited dog or puppy can be very nerve-wracking for every dog owner. It is really hard for a puppy to stay calm, especially for high energy breeds. The sooner you start reinforcing positive behavior the better your puppy will get. Hyperactivity is totally normal in puppies and can be caused by high energy, stress […]