Why Your Puppy Is Limping

A limping puppy is very concerning, especially if it happens all of a sudden without any obvious reason.

"Luckily" the most common cause for limping in puppies is a muscle strain that can be treated with rest. Their young bones and joints are still growing and can cause a funny walk. You don't need to be concerned if he is just walking around wobbly. You have to differentiate between sudden limping and gradual onset.

A puppy that suddenly starts limping could indicate mild muscle sprains, whereas gradual onset limps indicate serious diseases like hip dysplasia, but keep in mind that asymmetrical growth in puppies is also possible and often causes lameness.

Limping without pain

A dog that shows no pain but limps could indicate that your canine is either a pro at hiding the pain or he is not seriously injured. If he refuses to put any weight on it then you should take him to the vet.

Examine the leg, if it is either swollen, hot, dislocated, or cracked at another angle, then you will have to bring your dog to the emergency room to avoid further complications such as infections or internal bleeding.

When to go to the vet

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