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My Norway Road Trip

with a Large Dog

A trip to Europe's Northern countries is on the bucket list of countless people around the globe. Traveling without a dog is more convenient, faster, and perhaps even cheaper. But who wants to go on a trip to Norway or Sweden without their furry friend?

Entry requirements for dogs differ from country to country and you should check out all available resources on government sites. You'll probably need to vaccinate your dog, get your pet passport up to date, fulfill special requirements (see Norway), and cross the border with the appropriate paperwork.


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Is Sweden Dog Friendly?

On our road trip, we've found that Sweden is okay when it comes to how dog-friendly everything is. Usually, dogs are allowed in parks.

Is norway dog friendly

Norway was middle of the road when it comes to how dog-friendly they are. We truly enjoyed our stay at Hol where there was practically only one neighbor at another cabin and apart from that, it was pretty secluded.

My biggest advice on finding a pet-friendly stay is to use Airbnb's pet filter and check whether or not extra fees apply. In my experience, your choice is usually limited to 25-50% of all stays, depending on the location. Many hosts don't allow pets due to allergies or no-pet policies in their apartment complex.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend traveling through Norway and Sweden with a large dog due to the beautiful nature and since it's one of the countries where you'll observe some of the most beautiful scenery while driving.

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