The BEST Large Dog Breeds for Apartments

By Danielle                                  PawLeaks

Bernese Mountain Dogs can be the perfect fit for families looking for a large guard dog for their apartment while not missing out on an affectionate dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

American Stafforshire Terrier

Known as an extremely loyal and loving dog breed, the Amstaff is perfect for living in an apartment. They're not huge but do need lots of exercise.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback just loves to move and explore and if you plan on owning this breed in an apartment, make sure you can provide enough exercise.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever are among the most popular dog breeds and while they need a good amount of exercise, they can be very happy in smaller living spaces.


Boxers are amazingly energetic dogs that appreciate an active owner. With enough exercise, they can be calm in any environment.

Saint Bernards are giant and mellow dogs that can definitely be happy living in an apartment. However, these dogs are working dogs, so make sure to provide them with lots of exercise.

Saint Bernard

Shar Pei

This dog breed can be very independent and Shar Pei from a reserved line may need more space, so choose the right breeder.

Yes, it's true - the largest dog breed in the world can live happily in an apartment. They can be very calm indoors if you provide them with long walks and mental stimulation.

Great Dane

New Foundland

Super fluffy and well-balanced. The Newfoundland is a powerful dog and a remarkable swimmer.