Why Dogs Are Scared of Cats

We see it everywhere

Even our media is aware of the difficult relationship between cats and dogs; cartoons, images, and videos of cats and dogs fighting are all over the internet.

If your dog is scared of kittens, chances are it’s because he was never desensitized to them before and is scared of the kitten’s jumpy behavior or vocalizations.

Why are dogs afraid of cats?

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Dogs may be afraid of cats due to negative past experiences where they often misinterpreted the cat’s body language as well as vocalizations like purring which may be mistaken for growling.

Sometimes cats even start bullying. The most common reason for a cat  bullying another animal in the house is because now he feels like he has to compete for territory, food, and or attention.

How could you change that?

A harmonious relationship where the dog isn’t scared of your cat is possible. Read on to find out how!