That are Born "Tailless"

10 Cute Dog Breeds

The French Bulldog is born with a very short and stumpy tail that covers the anus (according to UK breed standard).

French Bulldog


2. Brittany Spaniel

It is not known whether the short tails occur through natural mutation or breeding with other Spaniels.

3. Boston Terrier

Few breeds are actually born tailless. The little tail on a Boston Terrier is called a “nub” and is mentioned as a standard characteristic.

4. English Bulldog

Bulldogs are naturally born with a short straight or screwed tail while the straight one is more desirable according to the breed standard. Just like with any other breed, there are abnormalities and bulldogs can be born with a long tail.


A short or missing tail is a very desirable trait in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and really distinguishes it from the long–tailed Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


Dashed Trail

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