In 4 Simple Steps

Crate Train Your Puppy

The crate in itself is an amazing tool to get your puppy house trained, for better sleep during the night and to teach your puppy how to stay at home alone. But where would you start with crate training?

1. The Right Setup

Every crate training starts with buying a high-quality crate. Prepare the crate with blankets, puppy pads, and a chew toy so your puppy won't get bored at night when he wakes up.

The blankets should be tucked into the sides and secured under the crate so your puppy can't chew at them. Place the puppy pads under the blanket if your puppy tears them apart.


Take time to introduce the crate to your dog. This part is crucial in every crate training as we want to associate the crate with a pleasant experience.

Step 2

For the first time you want to place the crate in a room with the most activity, like the living room, so your dog won't feel alone. Let him sniff and explore the crate. Puppies are naturally very curious and we want to reinforce that behavior by comforting him and talking in a happy and soft tone of voice. You can introduce treats and feed him every time he investigates the crate.

That will create a good association with the crate. You can lure him through the doors and place a couple of treats inside. A few sessions each day just for a couple of minutes each time will suffice.

Repeat the process

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