Dogs in the Same House

Aggression Between

So what should you do if one dog is being aggressive towards the other dog in your own house? Some dogs may even attack their fellow canines, leaving owners with lots of questions.

Sudden Aggression


While it may seem like our dogs just go on murderous frenzy out of nowhere, that's actually almost never the case.

Behavior isses

As a responsible dog owner, it's your responsibility to take precautions if one of your dogs has known issues like resource guarding, food aggression, not wanting to be annoyed by your new puppy, and so on.

To stop dogs from fighting, the most important question is why your dogs fight in the first place. Once you know the root of the problem, you can take care of it.

Stopping It


Finding the root cause

Underlying issues may include resource guarding, food aggression, redirected overexcitement, lack of exercise, desire to be left alone, jealousy and pain.

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