Where Do Our Dogs Go When They Pass Over?

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to have a proper conversation with your dog? You know, the kind where you say “I’m going shopping later. Is there a treat you would like me to bring home for you?” and your dog says “I would love some of those stinky dried tripe sticks”

Well, maybe you don’t want stinky dried tripe sticks in the house! But you get my meaning…

There are people who have these kinds of conversations with their dogs every day. They are called Animal Communicators. This is the bit where you may be thinking “They are called nutcases!”

But for all that Animal Communicators do exist and I’m one of them. I don’t think I’m a nutcase. The animals I speak with have convinced me over the years that what I hear from them is real.

For Example

There was the time a cat who had recently passed over asked me to tell her mummy she would like her ashes put next to the others to her right on the shelf. It turned out her dog’s ashes were exactly there.

Or the dog that told me she wanted her mummy to have her with her when she was doing her craftwork. Her mummy sent me a photo so I could she has a whole room dedicated to her craftwork and promised her dog will go with her in the future when she is working in there.

Or the Australian Shepherd who told me he wanted to learn to track. His mummy said “That’s so strange. I just bought a tracking harness the other day”. He knew!! She took him and within a few sessions, he was head of his beginner class and moving up to more difficult tracks. He’s a natural! Who knew an Aussie would be good at tracking?

I have so many examples of animals telling me things that I couldn’t have known any other way. Things that have convinced their families, and me, that animal communication is indeed real.

How Is This Possible?

I relate it to what mediums do when they communicate with people who have passed over. Animal Communicators can speak with pets who have passed over as well as those who are here. Animals are so much less complicated and accept these things as normal. Humans, when they are alive are usually too caught up in life to allow telepathic communication to happen too often, though it does happen from time to time.

The Words of Dogs Who Have Passed Over

I would like to share with you some of the things dogs on the other side have told me:


What was it like? – “Passing over? Like gliding through a doorway and into the light. Peace, love, tranquillity but mostly love. We are surrounded by it here”


Heide was the first dog who chose to show me images of the beautiful garden that they go to when they cross the rainbow bridge. Her images were so very beautiful and moving. Her mummy wanted me to ask her where are you? – “All over the place – wherever I want to be. I choose to be with my family a lot”

(Heide then showed me a picture of a beautiful garden going on forever, filled with flowers and fresh grass to lay and play on, butterflies and the rainbow bridge in the distance) “Then I sit in the garden and enjoy the warm sun.

Then I go to be with my family again. You are all right about the rainbow bridge you know. I can see it in the garden. I came over it myself. It’s beautiful”


Do you still visit your mummy? – “Oh, yes. I love to watch her – but I have other things to do too”

Do you? – “Yes. I have others to watch over”

On this side? – “Yes”

People? – “No. Dogs. Dogs need guardian angels too you know”



“Life is not the end. It’s just a phase in our journey together. I choose a form that does not live long on your earth plane but it doesn’t mean I’m ever away from you. Just that there are times when we can’t touch.

Know that I’m with you and have been always. We three are meant to be together and I will come back to you. I will be different but you will feel me.

You’ll have an irresistible urge to pick me up because I’ll be right up there staring at you. (He shows me his mummy looking at puppies and one of them staring at her, letting her know it’s Dickens)



Were you here to teach me anything special? – “To focus and be aware of what you can do. To love in a way you never knew you could. To help others as you never thought you were able to. You are without limits. Remember that

And finally:


Max is a dog who wanted me to share this message with many people and I tell people all the time what he wants us to know about grief – “We had many good times and I want you to remember them more.

We all want you to smile and laugh when you think of us. Why do you think we got up to all those antics? It was so that you would have lots of happy memories – not sad ones.

If you count the happy memories and the sad ones I hope we left you with many more happy ones. If we didn’t then we failed and I know we didn’t fail. So smile when you think of us.

Take out those funny memories and remind each other of the good times we had. I love you – we love you – and you love us, so celebrate the wonderful times we spent together”

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