Reasons for Paw Licking & Chewing

A dog that is chewing and licking on his paws is normal behavior and you have probably seen your dog doing this at least once. But if your dog is excessively chewing on his paws even when they are not dirty, there might be something wrong.

Paw Chewing in dogs

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When it's a problem

If the problem appears to come out of nowhere and the licking increases and persists for a longer time then there seems to be an underlying problem.

Causes of paw chewing

Possible causes for excessive paw chewing include dry skin, injury, pain, allergies, parasites and mental issues. Boredom also plays a big role in over grooming.

Licking and chewing paws is a symptom and not a condition in itself. To cure this symptom you will need to first identify the cause. Start by visiting your vet for a general check.

How to stop it

To cure itchy skin, you can feed half a teaspoon for every 10kg of your dog's weight once per day. You can also rub a nut-sized portion between your hands and massage it into your dog's fur and paws.

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