How to Get Rid of Dog Hiccups

During puppyhood, my dog used to get hiccups all the time and while they are pretty adorable, one might ask if they should be worried. Dogs can get hiccups just like we do but can they ever be an indication of a serious problem?

All mammals, and specifically all animals that share our breathing anatomy, can get hiccups. Some common reasons include swallowing too much air when drinking or eating, emotional stress, excitement, foreign bodies, irritant, and panting.

Why a Dog hiccups

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My Rottweiler’s hiccups lasted around 30-60 seconds at a time which seems to be common, some are shorter and others are a bit longer. Hiccups that last more than an hour and occur too frequently over several days should be checked by a vet.

How long they last

How to get rid of them

The good thing about hiccups is that they don’t hurt and usually go away on their own (as long as your dog’s not throwing up or anything) but here are some safe ways to get rid off them.

offer water

A few sips of water can definitely help with the hiccups but your dog might not be in the mood for a drink. You can also try an ice cube which helps stimulate the vagus nerve.

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