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How You Make Your

Dog Aggressive (Accidentally)

Root of aggression

Making a dog aggressive means immense stress caused most commonly by fear with territorial or dominance issues coming second and third.

dog attacking strangers

If you want to train your dog to be aggressive towards strangers you should think of other ways to protect yourself first and only look into protection dogs once all other options are exhausted.

Very few people really need a protection dog and it comes with an incredible responsibility. Protection dogs are heavily trained and have stellar out commands as well as recalls and general discipline.

Avoid Making Your Dog Aggressive 

Avoid Making Your Dog Aggressive 

Pro Tips on How to

No more fear

First of all, while aggression isn't encouraged, boosting your dog's confidence can help with a lot of things.

Dog aggression can have several causes like traumatic events for rescues, lack of exposure. Record your dog's body language, not the circumstances, and approach a professional if you're unsure.