The Best Dog Worm Remedy

Especially newborn puppies have a high risk of getting infected with worms from the milk of their mother. Sometimes they can already get infected in the womb. Besides that, dogs can get worms by eating contaminated stool.

How dogs get worms

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Worm treatment can be harsh and some puppies may experience dizziness and diarrhea. You have to keep in mind that worm treatment only has an effect for 24 hours, killing all existing worms. Even one day after treatment, your dog could be infected again.

Worm treatment

Deworming only when necessary

Everybody has their own opinion on this but I do not want to pump de-worming products into my puppy on suspicion. That's why I always get her stool examined before deworming to see if she has any worms at all.

In addition to worm treatment and to potentially prevent a worm infection I can recommend feeding your dog coconut oil. It is very effective against parasites, worms, fleas, ticks, and also benefits their coat and skin and many other things. So there is no harm in adding it.

Testing for worms

Fecal exams at a vet cost about $30 and all you need is a fresh stool sample. This test will provide you with the safest results and your veterinarian will be able to recommend treatment based on the diagnosis.

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