Whimper in Their Sleep

7 Reasons Why Dogs

When the dream starts the breathing becomes irregular and shallow, the muscles start to twitch and the eyes move rapidly.



Whimpering and whining in sleep is an expected puppy behavior. The cause of the whimpering is the need for attention and company. Puppies can also get especially twitchy in their sleep – a lot more than adult dogs.

Puppy Behavior


Twitching and vocalizing while sleeping can be symptoms of seizures and other disorders of the nervous system.

Pain causes dogs to whine obsessively. It’s very hard for a dog in pain to have a good night’s sleep and get the rest he needs and deserves.


All dogs need their regular daily exercise to get enough physical and mental engagement and stimulation. Boredom can be expressed when everyone goes to sleep and the dog starts whining and whimpering for no obvious reason.


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