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Do Spayed Dogs Have

Periods? - What to Do

what is spaying?

Spaying is also known as neutering and it’s a very common surgical procedure performed on female dogs around the world. When not spayed, females go into season every six to twelve months or so.

Spayed female dogs don’t have periods anymore since their ovaries are completely removed.

Do Spayed dogs have periods?

No, if a female has been spayed correctly, she should never be able to become pregnant.

Can a spayed dog get pregnant?

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What to do if a spayed dog is bleeding?

Alarm bells should ring if you notice blood around your female dog’s private area when you know she cannot be in season and the bleed is not caused by external injuries.

There are many issues that may cause a fixed female dog to bleed such as ovarian remnant syndrome, urinary tract diseases, vaginitis, stump pyometra, stump granuloma, cancer, or simply a foreign body.

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