Are Rotties Good with Kids?


A lot of the child-dog bond depends on factors such as genetics, socialization, training, and more.

For me personally, the Rottweiler is my ideal family dog due to how fearless, confident, and fun Rottweilers are.

No dog breed is born with the inherent knowledge of how to be "good" with kids. You teach your Rottie how to behave around kids while teaching the children how to respect the dog's personal space as well as learning to read his signals.

Temperament is greatly impacted by your dog's genetics and a lot of effort goes into a proper breeding program to steer towards a good-natured dog so do your research.

What about babies?

Rottweilers can definitely be good with babies but without prior exposure and proper introduction, a Rottweiler could definitely refuse to accept a new family addition, just like any other breed.

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