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Are Animal Communi-

cators Legit or a Fraud?

Communicating with your dog or any other pet you might have sounds great, doesn’t it? People who are seeking advice from animal communicators are often in a vulnerable position. Is it real or is it a total scam? What about the people who claim to have benefited from it?

Every animal communicator has a different process but it can be done via phone or Skype. Most of the time, the professional animal communicator will ask you questions about your dog and request a picture.

How does it work?

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be aware of scammers

If you want to spot any bad eggs then you should beware of animal communicators that just copy what you’re saying and wrap it up differently.

For example, if all you get is a narrow set of information about how your dog is happy, says exactly what you want and the person otherwise provides no verifiable information he or she couldn’t have known otherwise, it’s probably not a real animal communicator.

Seeking advice from professionals to help you get through a hard time is definitely nothing anybody should be ashamed of and if you’re aware of what to expect, it can be the right choice for you.


In other cases, the readings might create false hope that the dog is happy and about to return. It’s especially dangerous if your dog has behavioral issues and you try to solve them via telepathy instead of actual training.

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