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Training Commands

Every Dog Should Know

the Basic Commmands

Whether you bring home a new puppy or an untrained rescue dog, you want to teach your dog the basic dog training commands that he needs to go through life as a good canine citizen.

Take a natural and delicious treat and lure your dog’s nose back until his head tilts and he eventually sits. Repeat it a couple of times and add the vocal cue “sit”.



Start with your dog in a “sit” position and lower his nose down to the ground with a treat. His paws will move forward and he will eventually lie down. Reward and repeat and add “lie down” as the verbal command.

2. Lie Down


Stay is among the more difficult dog commands and consists of the following three components: distance, duration, and distraction.

Command 3

The release command is probably the most underrated command out there. It’s so important for your dog to know when he is in command and when not. All commands can take advantage of the release command like leave it, heel, or sit.

4. Release Command

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