top three dog training secrets

My Top 3 Dog Training Secrets

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Today I wanted to share with you my top 3 dog training secrets. Although there are dozens of important training tips I find these to be the most overlooked and important to really form a foundation for dog training.

1. Bonding and Communication

This the very first thing every new dog owner should be focussing on.

Gaining your puppy’s trust is mandatory for a great relationship. A dog that knows that he can rely on you and you always got his back is more confident and therefore less likely to show bad behavior.

While dogs learn so many things from us and watch us the whole day we can also learn from them. Dogs focus especially on body language and our eyes, they can easily sense emotions and take directions. That is what we bred them for.

Focus on getting to know your dog. What behavior does he show prior to certain situations? Be kind and empathetic, when there is a noise that really scares your dog be there for him and take care of his needs.

Nothing can build a stronger bond than having much quality time with your dog. Play is a very effective way to bond with your dog. So is teaching them new tricks or feeding them some special treats.

Learn how dogs show affection and give them some love back in a way they can understand.

For example, dogs sometimes lean against you or lay on your feet while you are working. That is a way they show affection through physical contact. Once in a while approach your dog, let him lay on your lap and pet him.

2. Be Patient and Consistent

Patience and consistency is the key to an effective learning process. As I said in my blog post When should you start training your puppy once you made a decision or set a rule you can never go back.

For example, if you decided on letting your dog on the couch than stick with it for his life.

One day suddenly throwing your dog from the couch just because he got too big will only result in him being massively confused. Your dog will only think about what did he do wrong to deserve this and it will constantly give him a kick in his confidence every time he will now try to get onto the couch.

If he can’t even be assured in his own home then he won’t be outside. Dogs do not understand sudden changes resulting from anger or frustration that is why patience is also very important.

Every learning step is a process and takes time. From getting your puppy crate trained to teach him leash walking.

Consistency is also important regarding your puppy’s daily routine. Sudden changes like a new feeding place or sleeping place can throw them off for a while. That is why setting up a puppy schedule is necessary.

3. Motivation

To train your puppy the right way, you want to achieve a happy training process. You do not want to force your dog into a command or make training with you uncomfortable because he will learn nothing off of it.

Training your puppy from the inside-out is an amazing way to achieve the desired results. If your dog actually wants to learn new things and execute commands he will keep them in mind and enjoy it.

For that, you will have to motivate your dog. Be exciting, playful and don’t hold back those praises. He will love to interact with you and will, therefore, learn much faster and better.

Training your puppy from the outside-in has many shortcomings. If you rely your whole training on an e collar don’t expect your dog to be compliant once you take it off. At worse that will lead your dog to fear you and might result in aggressive behavior.

Is there a specific training tip that helped you build a great relationship with your dog? Let me know in the comments below.

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