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best 5 dog nail clippers 2019
Dog Products

Best 5 Dog Nail Clippers 2019

Taking care of your dog’s nails is very important and they should be cut every 1-2 months. They are too long when you can hear them on hard surfaces and when they touch the ground while your dog is standing. Dog nails can be easily cut at home and I have tried different nail clippers […]

how to potty train an older dog
Dog Training

How to Potty Train an Older Dog

Not only puppy parents have an issue with potty training. If you bring home a new adult or senior dog you will probably have to house train him too. Adopting an older dog is just as rewarding as it is with a young puppy, so the bonding process will be the same. Meanwhile, you have […]

8 types of service dogs
Dog Training

8 Types of Service Dogs

Dogs are not “just” our beloved family companions, their skills and carefulness make them perfect for assisting people with disabilities and mental health issues. The most popular service dog is probably the guide dog but there are in fact 8 different types of service dogs that we will discuss now. 1. Allergy Alert Dogs (AAD) […]

how to train your dog to stay
Dog Training

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

“Stay” is such a well-known command but so many dogs and owners struggle with this. Especially for a young puppy, it is hard to stay still as they always want to move around and are easily distracted. Teaching your dog a solid stay will help you in many situations. The command stay is being used […]

8 alarming signs your dog may be sick
Dog Health

8 Alarming Signs Your Dog May Be Sick

It is not always easy to determine if your dog may be sick or in pain. The reason for that developed from their roots as wolves. Just like many groups, packs or herds, sick and weak animals have a high risk of getting killed and being abandoned from their group. So animals that are hurt […]

how to teach your dog to play dead
Dog Training

How to Teach Your Dog to Play Dead

“Play dead” or “Go to sleep” is an advanced trick that you should teach your dog after he has already learned all the basic obedience commands like, “sit”, “stay” or “drop it”. Dogs love to learn new things and if you are running out of commands and tricks then this the one to teach. The […]

how to stop puppy howling and barking
Puppy Training

How to Stop Puppy Howling and Barking

Barking and howling in dogs and puppies is normal behavior and their way to vocalize themselves. There are different reasons to why puppies howl and bark and you have to identify the trigger and cause before we get into how to stop puppy howling and barking: Medical Cause First of all, you need to be […]

10 amazing facts about puppies
Puppy Training

10 Amazing Facts About Puppies

Puppies are loved by everyone. There is even a national puppy day on March 23. Besides the cuteness and fun, they require a lot of work like little children. Here are 10 facts about puppies you probably haven’t hear of and are quite surprising. 1. Puppies can be born green Yes, you heard that one […]

why is my dog sneezing
Dog Health

Why Is My Dog Sneezing?

A sneezing dog is a normal encounter and can have many causes of which most are healthy behaviors. Dogs do not sneeze as often as humans do and allergies are the least possible cause. They would rather cough or have irritated skin. Common Causes of Dog Sneezing Sneezing in dogs can occur from different causes […]