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when should you start training your puppy
Puppy Training

When Should You Start Training Your Puppy?

Whether or not you want to schedule training sessions within the first days of bringing your new puppy home, he will be learning from you the moment he steps into your house. A newborn puppy starts to learn when it opens it’s eyes for the first time and starts to walk. So, when should you […]

three Ways to Stop Puppy Jumping
Puppy Training

3 Ways to Stop Puppy Jumping

Before training your puppy to stop jumping, we need to understand why dogs jump so much. Usually highly energized dogs tend to jump but as a puppy any breed could have this issue. Most dog breeds were bred to perform some kind of work, like hunting or herding sheep. And still today most of that […]

how to leash train your puppy
Puppy Training

How to Leash Train Your Puppy

Teaching a new puppy the concept of a leash takes time and they should be properly introduced. Walking nicely on a leash doesn’t come naturally to dogs. The idea of only walking beside you and not jumping all over the place, back and forth is weird for many dogs. Some can easily be leash trained […]

how do dogs get worms
Dog Health + Care

How Do Dogs Get Worms?

When I got my first puppy, one of the first things my breeder and vet recommended to me was getting worm treatment for my dog. But why and how do dogs get worms? Especially newborn puppies have a high risk of getting infected with worms from the milk of their mother. Sometimes they can already […]

how long is a dog pregnant
Dog Health + Care

How Long are Dogs Pregnant? + Gestation Stages

Awaiting new puppies from your pregnant dog can be very exciting. In this post, we will cover “How long are dogs pregnant? What are the different Gestation Stages? What are the symptoms of pregnancy?” Now to answer the first question: Dogs are pregnant for about 63 days or 9 weeks, although it can vary by […]

how to crate train your puppy
Puppy Training

4 Steps to Crate Train Your Puppy

When I got my puppy, crate training your dog was the number one method to a stress-free night. It seems simple – your puppy is in a warm, safe place, he cannot wander around and wake everybody up. But most importantly it will keep him from peeing everywhere. Dogs are den animals. They are comfortable […]

three steps to become a dog trainer
Dog Training

3 Steps to Become a Dog Trainer in 2020

1. The Right Preperation Everybody knows that it needs a bit more to become a dog trainer than just a passion for dogs, although to this date no federal or state certification is required meaning anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. When I got my first Rottweiler puppy, I was so excited to learn […]