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10 amazing facts about puppies
Puppy Training

10 Amazing Facts About Puppies

Puppies are loved by everyone. There is even a national puppy day on March 23. Besides the cuteness and fun, they require a lot of work like little children. Here are 10 facts about puppies you probably haven’t hear of and are quite surprising. 1. Puppies can be born green Yes, you heard that one […]

why is my dog sneezing
Dog Health + Care

Why Is My Dog Sneezing?

A sneezing dog is a normal encounter and can have many causes of which most are healthy behaviors. Dogs do not sneeze as often as humans do and allergies are the least possible cause. They would rather cough or have irritated skin. Common Causes of Dog Sneezing Sneezing in dogs can occur from different causes […]

how to become a dog groomer
Dog Training

How to Become a Dog Groomer

The job of a dog groomer is to maintain the fur, nails, and skin of the canine by bathing, trimming and styling it. Education To become a dog groomer, no formal education is needed besides having a high school diploma. If you like, you can attend grooming schools or take online courses to learn a […]

can dogs eat oranges
Dog Food

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Besides food like apples and chicken, oranges are a very healthy choice for your dog.Dogs can eat oranges and they are often used as an ingredient in dog food. Health Benefits Oranges are full of fibers and natural sugars. They are high in Vitamin C and the citric acid is not toxic for dogs. Although […]

training a reactive dog
Dog Training

Training a Reactive Dog

Dogs are being called “reactive” when they lunge, bark, snap or growl at people or other animals. Reactivity in dogs should not be confused with aggression. The difference here is that these dogs are hypersensitive towards their environment and overreact to certain triggers. The behavior may look like aggression but it’s not. Reactive dogs are […]

can dogs eat chicken
Dog Food

Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Chicken has been a long-time food ingredient in dry food, wet food or in a raw diet. Chicken is actually very healthy for dogs as it contains healthy proteins, Omega 6 fatty acids, essential amino acids, and glucosamine. It builds lean muscle, sustains healthy skin and a shiny coat. Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? If […]

Best 3 Dog Flea and Tick Collars 2019
Dog Products

Best 3 Dog Flea and Tick Collars 2019

The days finally start to get warmer and with spring and summer come the dog fleas and ticks. Dogs can get infested with them by other dogs and their environment. They are really annoying and can cause itching, inflammation, and infection. This year I tried out several different collars for my dog to prevent the invasion and these are my personal […]

top five ways to exercise your dog
Dog Training

Top 5 Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Exercising is very important for your dog, mentally and physically. While physical exercise is often covered in daily walks, training or playing games gets a raw deal. In this blog post, I have covered How to Exercise Your Puppy, so you should check that one out first. There are also general rules on how much […]

can dogs eat apples
Dog Food

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

To quickly answer that question: Yes, dogs can definitely eat apples. They are actually really healthy for your dog. Benefits of Apples Apples are high on fiber, low protein and full of antioxidants. Vitamin C can help with degenerative conditions like joint disease and the fiber is great for digestion. If your dog has a […]

how to stop food aggression
Dog Training

How to Stop Food Aggression

Food aggression is a type of resource guarding. It can occur at the earliest stages when your dog is only 5 months old. While a lot of dogs have this instinct to protect their food from you, it is not a genetical behavior. Food aggression is learned when the puppy is still with his littermates. […]