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PawLeaks Membership

How You Can Become the Best Dog Parent You Can Be

Does This Sound Familiar?

You are planning on getting a new puppy and want to be prepared as best as possible.

You are struggling with behavior issues that can’t seem to be solved.

You need personal dog training advice and direct answers to your specific questions.

You want to have a real relationship with your dog including a strong bond and mutual respect.

You want to gain control over your dog instead of just managing the leash pulling, door dashing, counter surfing, etc.

You can’t understand your dog sometimes and need help translating his body language.

You haven’t fully grasped the basics and fundamentals of dog training.

It’s hard for you to stay organized and to keep track of all the different things including socialization, potty training, feeding, and vaccinations.

You don’t know if what you are feeding your dog on a daily basis is even healthy or balanced.

All the Benefits at a Glance

No Advertisements

Enjoy weekly content without any advertisements. Enjoy an ad-free experience for 250+ articles on Pawleaks.

eBooks & Printables

You will gain access to a growing library of dog training ebooks, printables and research to bring your dog training to the next level and achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

Training Consultations

This membership comes with a premium member contact form that you can use to get our advanced dog training advice.

Monthly Giveaways

We host exclusive giveaways each month where we collaborate with amazing pet brands ranging from dog beds, toys, food, and physical products for yourself + much more!

Etsy Products

All products from our Etsy shop are included at no extra cost.

Deals and Coupons

We partner with amazing dog brands to bring you exclusive deals and coupons which are kept up to date every month.

Tools for Every Dog Owner

Owning a dog isn’t easy and with all the confusing information out there how could one know where to start and where to find the advice that they need.

You may be at your wits’ end and need someone that provides you with personal training tips tailored to your issues. Or you might feel overwhelmed with the whole dog world and require a guiding hand.

Whether you’re a first-time puppy parent or dealing with difficult behavior problems such as separation anxiety or aggression… my membership will provide you with all the resources you need and even offer you my direct consultations.

This membership is designed to be the perfect complement to my free blog content.

Get answers to your questions

Start understanding your dog

Eliminate bad behavior

Improve your dog’s life

Enjoy a stress-free relationship


Ad Free

$1 / month

Ad-free experience

Enjoy your favorite content without any distractions

Support the PawLeaks team

Paw Member

$7 / month

Ad-free experience

Access to all eBooks

Personal dog training advice via email

Exclusive printables (checklists, schedules, templates)

Etsy products for free

4 treat recipes / month

Monthly giveaways (worth up to $300)

Special deals/coupons

Research recommendations

Private community coming soon!

How It Works

Joining is super easy! After signing up you will gain access to all the aforementioned benefits.

You will be automatically redirected to the resource library where you can start downloading all available resources.

To find the other pages, navigate to the menu and select the pages under “membership”.

I will notify you of any updates and changes.

Contact me any time with requests, questions or just feedback, I would love to hear from you!

Have questions regarding the memberships?

*Please be aware that while we have veterinarian writers on staff, nothing in the email consultation, recipes, or printables is medical advice and you should always consult with your veterinarian for health advice and consult a certified behaviorist for serious behavioral issues.