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Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

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Foods like apples and chicken can definitely be fed to your dog, but what about oranges?

Maybe you’ve found oranges in the list of your dog’s food bag or you’re planning on sharing it as a tasty treat for your dog.

Even though not all dogs will love this in its pure form, you might try to incorporate oranges into your dog’s treat recipe.

Let’s dive deeper into the health benefits and potential risks associated with feeding oranges to your canine.

Health Benefits

Oranges are full of fibers and natural sugars. They are high in Vitamin C and fortunately, the citric acid is not toxic for dogs.

Although vitamin C is not essential to supplement your dog’s diet, it can be really beneficial to their immune system. Just like humans.

If the dog is hyperactive or under stress, he might require an increased amount of Vitamin C.

Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?

No, dogs should not eat the orange peels.

If you want to feed your dog some oranges, you will have to remove the peel and any patch of skin as they contain toxins.

How to Feed Your Dog Oranges

The only thing you should be looking out for is that your dog doesn’t eat too much because the sugar can hurt the digestive system and your dog is at risk of gaining weight and getting diabetes.

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But you can safely feed a small dog one segment of an orange a day and larger dogs should be fine with two to three segments.

You can start with smaller amounts to see if your dog can digest it properly.

Before feeding oranges to your dog, be sure to remove the orange peel and white skin as they can be toxic.

Best to use are navel oranges because they contain no seeds, if they are out of season you will have to remove any seeds from other oranges.

Do Dogs Need Vitamin C?

Dogs do not require additional Vitamin C as their metabolic system can produce it.

However, dogs that are physically or emotionally stressed (pregnancy, hunting, illness, moving, etc.) might need another source of Vitamin C as their bodies are depleted when it comes to vitamin C.

Researchers can actually measure the level of stress in a dog by examining the amount of Vitamin C in the blood.

One study has shown that dogs that were supplemented with Vitamin C would be overall more healthy and had a stronger immune system.

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice?

Do not feed orange juice or any other type of fruit juice to your dog as it only contains high amounts of sugar and citric acids.

Dogs do not require the vitamins in fruit juice, so water is the best drink for a dog.

Is Citrus Bad for Dogs?

Oranges, clementines, and tangerines are not bad for dogs and neither are lemons or limes.

That goes for small amounts. In larger quantities, feeding them too much can cause gastronomical upset.

Especially lemons and limes contain limonene, linalool, and psoralens and should only be fed in moderation.

Orange Dog Treat Recipe

If your dog seems to love the taste of oranges then why not surprise him with some yummy homemade orange dog treats?

I have tried this recipe for my own dog and she just loved it. They are so simple but so yummy.

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