6 reasons why you should neuter your dog or puppy

6 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Dog or Puppy

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Neutering your dog or puppy is a very important health decision and should be decided on an individual basis.

As there are pros and cons for everything, we will look today on 6 reasons why you should neuter your dog or puppy to help you make a final decision.

But first, what is neutering? Neutering is a much simpler surgery than a spay and is only performed on male pets.

The testicles of the male dog will be removed through an incision near the front of the scrotum.

1. Offspring Control

The last thing you would want from your dog is unwanted offspring and it can happen so quickly in season.

Breeding two dogs is very costly and needs a lot of time and energy. The bitch requires veterinary care during pregnancy, after giving birth and the puppies need a lot of attention.

The cost of neutering your male dog is way less than having to care for a litter. Also, the puppies will all need new homes and they have to be vaccinated.

Breeding should only be done by professional breeders that have the experience and registered.

2. Prevent Aggression

This is a reason for many owners to get their dog neutered.

Neutered male dogs tend to be less aggressive and less dominant and show less territorial aggression which could be important if you have other pets or children.

They also tend to get along better with other male dogs and if you would like to bring home an unspayed bitch, it will be mandatory to neuter your male dog.

3. Prevent Mounting and Roaming

Every male dog’s hormones are strong and if there is a bitch in heat in their neighborhood, they will smell it from miles away and it can be very stressful for them.

Many male dogs tend to mount anything and everything and it can get really awkward in certain situations.

When you neuter your young puppy it is possible that this behavior will never occur.

4. Prevent Cancer

In this surgery, the testicles of the male dog will be removed, therefore there is no risk left for testicular cancer or tumors.

5. Your dog won’t lose its masculinity

You may giggle about that one but this is quite a common excuse especially from worried male dog owners.

Neutering won’t make your puppy a wimp. That’s not how dogs think.

I know that it is not biological nor natural to neuter any dog but we have created the issue of overpopulating dogs and now we have to solve it.

6. Prevent Diseases

The actual treatment for diseases like prostate cancer is neutering.

Prostate diseases cannot be prevented but the risk after neutering is way lower which also minimizes the risk for infections.

Neutering provides many benefits for your puppy and for the community. But there are a few things that could lead you to not considerate neutering for your dog which I have cover in this post.

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