Month: August 2019

Do Dogs Toenails Grow Back
Dog Health + Care

Do Dogs Toenails Grow Back? Care + Recovery

Injuries to the dog’s nails are more common than you might think. When the toenails grow too long, they might get stuck in a hole or break during a game of chase. While this might leave smaller or bigger fractures, serious injuries can lead to a torn nail that has been ripped out by the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Jowls
Dog Health + Care

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Jowls

Jowls are defined as loose flesh on the cheeks and throat. Every dog has this skin around his mouth but certain breeds are specifically bred to have floppy and unique looking jowls. But their purpose is not serving a cute wrinkly face, they are actually very important for dogs. The jowl protects the whole area […]

dogs born without tails
Dog Breeds

10 Dog Breeds that Are Born Without a Tail

We all know dogs with their floppy ears and beautiful tails similar to the appearance of a wolf. But over the many years of domestication, certain dog breeds are born without a tail. What may look weird to some people, is actually very cute and wanted by others. Dogs that are born without tails or […]

easy dog tricks for beginners
Dog Training

8 Easy & Unique Dog Tricks for Beginners

Dogs love learning new things every day. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Teaching your dog new tricks is a fun way to incorporate mental training and bonding into your daily schedule. Teaching new tricks will not only improve your dog’s ability to learn but will also make you a better handler […]

can dogs eat white or brown rice
Dog Food

Can Dogs Eat White or Brown​ Rice?

Rice is such a common food for us and even more common in Asian countries but can dogs eat rice too? The quick answer is yes but you will need to take some things into consideration before adding rice to your dog’s diet. Benefits of Feeding Rice Rice is often used as an ingredient in […]