Month: May 2019

6 reasons why you should neuter your dog or puppy
Dog Training

6 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Dog or Puppy

Neutering your dog or puppy is a very important health decision and should be decided on an individual basis. As there are pros and cons for everything, we will look today on 6 reasons why you should neuter your dog or puppy to help you make a final decision. But first, what is neutering? Neutering […]

how to teach your dog to heel
Dog Training

How to Teach Your Dog to Heel

Heel is a very important command and will make your walks and your dog’s impulse control much better. It is also a great way to train some leash manners, especially with a young puppy or very excited and high energy dog. What Does Heel Mean? Heel will teach your dog to walk beside you rather […]

how to treat puppy diarrhea
Dog Health + Care

How to Treat Puppy Diarrhea

Puppies are a whole lot of work and we want them to have the best start in life possible. When I took my first puppy home, stress caused her very bad diarrhea. And she had a few problems with it afterwards because she puts everything in her mouth. Gladly, I could treat it at home […]

700 female dog names 2019
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700+ Female Dog Names 2020

When I chose the name for my female dog, it was quite an easy decision. She was already named Amalia by the breeder and from the day we reserved her to the day we could bring her home, I always used that name when talking to my family and friends about her. So it became […]

5 Types of Puppy Aggression and What to Do About It
Puppy Training

5 Types of Puppy Aggression and What to Do About It

It is hard to imagine that cute and tiny puppies can show signs of aggressive behavior. While it is not very common in dogs at such a young age and is often misunderstood, it definitely occurs. There are many different kinds of puppy aggression and early signs can emerge. With quick and focused training, these […]

why is my puppy limping
Dog Health + Care

Why Is My Puppy Limping?

One week ago my puppy suddenly started limping in her right front leg which is definitely not a good sign as Rottweilers tend to have so many joint diseases. So we took her to the vet and got pain killers and the order to give her as much rest as possible for 10 days. We […]